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Our mission is to build functional and unique properties. Comfort of their future residents is of outmost importance for us. Our contractors, architects and real estate market specialists are experienced and highly qualified leaders in construction branch.


We pay attention to each and every detail by selecting for our constructions the most innovative solutions and high-quality materials. Modern ideas that provide unique character of each investment are implemented into our projects.


17 years of experience and over 20 completed projects in the Polish and European market prove our trustworthiness.


Closer to the Stars at Mehoffera street

Closer to the Stars at Mehoffera street

  • Warsaw – Białołęka district
  • 108 apartments
  • Development and educational project with Stars Observatory, Moon Park and Stars Park.

Kellera Park Residence

Kellera Park Residence

  • Warsaw – Bielany district
  • 34 apartments
  • Low-keyed building resembling the style of classical edifices from the onset of the 20th century.


Metropolitan Park

Metropolitan Park

  • Warsaw – Marki district
  • 218 apartments
  • Modern housing estate with aesthetic elements of world class metropolises.

" Investing should be more like watching paint dry or watching grass grow. If you want excitement, take $800 and go to Las Vegas. "

Paul Samuelson


28th of November 2019: Service unit in the investment Closer to the Stars is now for sale – ideal place for your business!

In our investment in Tarchomin, we have planned a service unit with an area of 279 sqm. It is located in the front part of the 4-storey building in the first construction stage. The premises are perfect for kindergarten, shop, medical facility or other type of business that could be started in Białołęka. If you are interested in purchasing the service unit, contact our sales office:, +48 537 600 005, +48 537 700 005, Mehoffera st, corner with Oczary st, Warsaw. 

19th of November 2019: Certificate in the category investment of the year 2019

We are pleased to inform that our investment Closer to the Stars at Mehoffera in Białołęka district has been awarded with unique certificate in the category Investment of the Year 2019.

The programme of the 10th Edition of the National Construction Programme has been decided upon. During residential trade fairs called New HOUSE, new APARTMEMT, held on the 17th of November at PGE National Stadium, awarding ceremony took place. Among the winners, there are the best construction and development companies as well as investments and products of the year 2019. National Central Certification Bureau is the organiser of the event.  

Programme aims to select and promote the best development companies, residential and commercial investments as well as construction companies, producers, retailers of construction materials and products ranging from bonding products, construction chemicals, doors, windows and up to equipment and interior design elements.

Companies taking part in National Construction Programme present each year higher level of development. The competition is growing both among the competition participants but also on the construction market. Competition’s target was to select the best development and construction companies in Poland and award firms offering products and services of highest quality dedicated to the construction and fit-out branch. 

6th of November 2019: Special offer at Closer to the Stars investment at Mehoffera

Investment Closer to the Stars at Mehoffera comprises of two construction stages. The 1st stage includes a 4-storey building with the apartments ranging from 26 to 96 sqmIn the second stage of our investment we have designed small two-storey residential buildings. In the framework of this stage there will be constructed 4 buildings with 8 apartments each and 4 urban villas, We offer apartments with spacious loggias, gardens and useable green terraces on the rooftops.

Visit our sales office, if buy an apartment until the end of the month and you’ll get rooftop terrace for FREE (offer covers selected apartments only).

18th of October 2019: Pouring of the concrete supporting the foundation base in Tarchomin investment

Yesterday, we have prepared concrete supporting the foundation base on the first construction plot.

Today, we have finished attaching frame sections to the Berliner wall from the side of Mehoffera st.

Construction works are progressing according to schedule.

If you are interested in purchasing apartment in our investment, visit our website:

11th of October 2019: Construction works at Closer to the Stars investment at Mehoffea in October 2019

We are informing on a regular basis about the progress of construction works in our investment Closer to the Stars at Mehoffera, in green part of Tarchomin district. Follow is on:  Facebook and Instagram

15th September 2019: First reservation agreements have been signed

We are pleased to announce that first apartments in our investment have been already reserved by our clients – future residents of the investment Closer to the Stars at Mehoffera. The most popular are one- and two-room flats. We invite you to contact our experts from sales office. Friendly atmosphere, professional attitude towards each of our clients and help with selection of this dream apartment – these are the qualities of Edyta and Bartosz. Find out for yourselves and arrange a meeting at our sales office.

2nd September 2019: Closer to the stars – creativity within the development project

At Mehoffera in Closer to the Stars project, we have planned a stars observatory and moon park, both at the sole disposal of residents. Closer to the Stars at Mehoffera is the only housing development not only in Warsaw but also in the whole country, where future residents could spend their time and relax observing the sky and learning more about the stars. It is a perfect way to leisure and stimulate imagination after the tiring day at work or school. More on 

28th August 2019: Construction works have started

We are pleased to inform that on the 28th of August 2019, construction works in our investment Closer to the Stars at Mehoffera have been launched. The general contractor is Leancon – a company with many years of experience, specialising in construction works management. More information at: 

13th August 2019: Project in Białołęka district – team of client advisors

While managing the development project, we realise how important the aid of competent client advisors is. That is why, Edyta and Bartosz are at your disposal in Closer to the Stars project at Mehoffera and may provide you with detailed information on the investment and available apartments. We encourage to contact us by phone or mail in order to arrange a meeting at a time and date convenient to you. Phone number: 537 600 005, e-mail address:

21rst July 2019: Official opening of sales office

On the 22th of July 2019 an official opening of sales office of an investment in Białołęka district, Closer to the Stars at Mehoffera st., corner Oczary st. will take place. You are invited to meet our Client Advisors to find out more about the investment. The pre-sales of apartments has already begun.

We are at your disposal from Monday to Friday, between 11:00 AM and 7:00 PM, on Saturday from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM.

Find out more at

About us

INRESTGROUP is a development company that focuses on realisation of residential and commercial projects. New apartments offered by the company are performed with due diligence, professionalism and great attention paid to every detail. We do care that each of our Clients purchasing his apartment at our company, is not only satisfied but could also enjoy his life in comfort and best quality provided. The tasks entrusted in us are realised consistently with passion in order to change the surrounding reality.
Our Clients are guaranteed with safety and peacefulness by enhancing their quality of life and satisfaction of their individual needs. We connect tradition with modern solutions, taking care of architectonic details. Each project is created based on our long-term experience and offers our potential residents additional values and qualities that make the way of life more attractive and ensure its unique dimension. In our projects, we implement innovative technological solutions to create the best possible place to live and work. Many years of activity in the development branch enable us to provide advisory services both at the stage of investment preparation by diagnosing offered properties and planning strategy as well as during realisation of the project, assuring at the same time high level of professionalism and effectiveness.

Adam Grabski is the head of INRESTGROUP company.

He is a well-known and experienced manager from Warsaw in the area of preparation and realisation of the development projects. Throughout 17 years of his professional career, he realised over 20 residential and commercial projects. He managed development projects for the biggest Polish and foreign companies and investment funds. He took part in investment projects valued at the combined amount of over 700 million euro.
Reference projects: main seat of the Embassy of the Netherlands in Warsaw, Gallery Mokotow, Kazimierz Gallery in Cracow, Business Centre RONDO 1, Platinium, Airpark, Recreation in Cracow and many more.
He graduated from University of Greenwich (Great Britain).

Adam Grabski is a RICS member and for many years was working as a member of the Council of Directors of RICS Poland and RICS Europe. He belongs also to CEEC and PAREC.

Currently, INRESTGROUP prepares 5 development projects at different stages of realisation.

The company offers comfortable, simple and transparent investment opportunities in projects connected with real estate market. INRESTGROUP applies European standards of advancement of development projects, which constitute secure and coordinated mechanism allowing institutional investors and funds to invest their capital in buildings of different categories at a maximum profitability rate.
INRESTGROUP has an individual approach to each investor and ensures conditions of mutual profitable cooperation in the framework of concluded agreements. INRESTGROUP is open to cooperation, comfort and transparency of rules of work during realisation of the development project. The company has trustworthy mechanism of investment protection against any obstacles concerning assumed plans.

Visit us a tour office in Warsaw to find out more!


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